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The following are this business’s terms and conditions, in accordance with industry standards prescribed by the Association of Mail & Business Centers. This business reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions without advance notice.


Copyrights and Permissions: Each Client assumes full responsibility for permissions, copyrights, confidentiality, and legitimacy for anything printed, copied, scanned, bound, laminated, packed, and/or shipped at this business.


Prohibited Items: Certain items are considered hazardous, illegal, prohibited, dangerous, or restricted, and this business does not knowingly handle or accept them.  These include, but are not limited to, lithium batteries, perfume, alcoholic beverages, firearms, controlled substances, currency, tobacco products, cannabis products, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC and be derived from hemp instead of cannabis. gambling devices, human remains, live animals, gases, poisons, items under pressure, dry ice, combustible and corrosive materials, infectious and radioactive substances, explosives, drug paraphernalia, weapons, and any other items restricted or prohibited by carriers or governmental bodies.  It is the client’s responsibility to declare any such items before attempting shipment.  If such items are discovered, they will be seized, and shipping will not be refunded. Any fines accessed by the carriers for such substances are the responsibility of the client.  Any item tendered to this business may be opened at any time for inspection to ensure conformance with shipping requirements.  This business reserves the right to refuse any shipment for any reason.


This Business is an Independent Small Business: This business is not a Post Office, however is a USPS Approved Postal Provider, a UPS Authorized Ship Outlet, and a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® and, as such, offers competitive rates that are independent of the carriers rates.  This business does not physically transport and deliver shipments, but rather tenders them to the carrier that the client chooses.  The client must abide by all regulations and policies dictated by the carrier.


Address, Delivery, and Tracking: The client warrants that the address on the label is complete and accurate.  If the carrier is required to correct the address or deliver to another address, the client agrees to pay fees associated with this additional service.  The carrier will deliver the shipment without signature unless the client requests a delivery signature at the time of shipping and pays the applicable fee for such service.  A tracking number is provided with each package shipment. To verify the status of a package, go to, select tracking, then enter your tracking number. This business and the carrier are not liable for loss or damage occurring after delivery. 


Drop- Offs: This business accepts dropped-off items (prepaid or billed to account) for UPS, FedEx, and USPS as a free public courtesy and agrees to simply pass them off to the designated carriers. This business accepts no responsibility for these shipments or their contents.  Clients drop off shipments fully, without reservation or condition, agree to absolve and hold harmless and indemnify this business, its owners and employees, from all injuries and/or damages that result from handling, storing, and transporting dropped-off shipments, and fully reimburse for costs, fees, or expenses that may arise from such. The Mail Center does not maintain return status for drop off shipments. The client must maintain the receipt with the tracking number until the return is delivered. Please contact the vendor with the listed tracking /reference number for the return/refund status.


Packaging, Loss, Damage, and Declared Value:  This business offers a professional packaging service.  The client accepts full responsibility for damage to any item not fully packaged by this business. We base our packing requirements on the same industry standards that UPS, FedEx and USPS use in their coverage requirements. This business will be unable to properly process any sort of claim unless the client notifies this business of damage within 72 hours of shipment delivery or within 14 days of non-delivery, obvious damage is noted on the carriers delivery document, packing materials and cartons are retained by the consignee, and the client and consignee both cooperate with instructions from this business and the carrier with processing the claim. In the event of loss or damage of any article, this business’s liability shall be limited to the lesser of the actual cash value of the article, the amount necessary to repair or replace the article, or the amount declared by the client at the time of the shipment.  This business gives each client $100 of declared value coverage for all non-document shipments carried by UPS, FedEx and USPS (Priority Mail and Priority Mail express).  Other values may be declared for coverage with the options just listed at the time of the shipping transaction only and declared value coverage rates will apply.  Coverage is not a guarantee that a claim will be paid. Televisions, monitors, plate glass (including framed glass), and neon signs are considered “inherent vice” and always excluded from coverage. Computers and other electronic devices are covered for external casing damage only and never internal or screen damage, and software is never covered.  In order to establish actual cash value in the event of damage or loss, the client is responsible for furnishing this business with an original invoice or receipt which is not more than one year old.  The amount declared by the client at the time of shipment is not acceptable proof of value.  In no event shall this business be liable for any consequential or incidental damage which may arise from loss, damage, non-delivery, or delayed delivery.  The client agrees that once a claim for loss or damage has been paid or denied, the client waives all rights to file further claims on that shipment and understands that the carrier’s decision is final.


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